Quince Quiz: Damas VS Chambelanes

Jocelyn Pasillas

One of the many struggles some Quinceaneras face is having to choose between damas or chambelanes, or even having a Quince court.

It is not easy to determine what to do, whether it is because you want to share your special day with your best friends or you’re debating over sharing the spotlight … we get it!

That is why we come to the rescue once again!

Dama drama can just be as stressing as putting up with the boys, so we can’t blame you for having to choose one or the other. Money can also be a reason why you’re going through this struggle, especially if you’ll be covering your chambelanes tuxedos rentals or your damas’ attire.

If you don’t even know if you even want a court of honor, click here.

But if you’re curious as to what will work best for you, whether to deal with damas OR chambelanes, take the next quiz…

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