Quince Signs You Must Include at your Celebration

Jocelyn Pasillas

After months of putting together your Quince celebration, you want to make sure you enjoy every bit of the party without having to worry about taking care of your guests the whole time…

Which is why Quince signs around your venue will make everything smooth and organized while you join in on the fun!

Not only will you be organized, but this helpful idea will help direct and guide your guests throughout the entire event. Check out the many ways you can utilize Quince signage:

Control the Seating Arrangement

Whether your guests will be sitting in assigned seats or not, a signage to avoid all the questions will do the job! If your guests will have assigned seating, makes sure to have a little fun with it by having a puzzle or mini game they can participate in.

Welcome Signs

It’s always good to know you’re not walking into the wrong venue and/or location. A welcome sign to assure they have arrived to the correct location is always handy!

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The Quince Program

You do not want your guests missing out on all the fun activities you put together for them, which is why letting them know in advance can come in handy!

Social Media Announcements

Are you having a snapchat filter and/or hashtag for your event? Let it be known so all your guests can participate in the selfie fun.

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Miscellaneous Messages

If there’s anything your guest should know about, be sure to include any type of signs to avoid continuous interruptions. You have been planning months for this moment, you want to make sure you enjoy it as much as possible!

Which sign do you think is most helpful for the day of your Quinceanera?

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