Quinceanera Planning 101: The Crash Course

Grecia Hernandez

You’ve probably heard and read everything there is to know about Quinceanera planning already (If not, click here!)

But in case you don’t have the time, here is a crash course so you don’t fall behind your To-Do list.


Apply these next four factors and you’ll do fine, chica:

4) Have a Quince Checklist

Keep it in hand so you know where you’re at and what you’re missing: hair and makeup appointment, Quince waltz rehearsal, invitations, etc. Download our FREE Quinceanera guide here.

3) Recruit a XV Helper

Besides your mom or madrina, ask one of your cousins or friends to take the role as your Quince helper. Choosing someone who is also planning their fiesta could benefit you both! This person will make sure you’re on track for the special day.

2) Prepare for chaos!!!

Negativity aside, this will truly help you lots! Create a list of all things that could go wrong and have a plan B, C and D so you know how to tackle any upcoming issues. This is what we call taking the bull by the horns!

1) Do a XV Day Overview

Once everything is set for your Quinceanera, go over a mini checklist with your recruited XV Helper to figure out things to happen on your actual Quince day like: packing your surprise dance outfit, taking note of who gifts you what, and taking the decorating bouquets from church to the venue.

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