Quinceanera Traditions To Adopt and Adapt

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Quinceaneras have evolved through time, making it possible for girls to adapt the celebration to fit their lifestyle, personality and budget.

Once consider just another cultural coming-of-age event, turning 15 has now become a personal declaration for girls of all ethnic backgrounds.

Having a Quinceanera is the ideal event to express their personality through a Quince theme, a gorgeous dress, as well as carefully chosen decorations surrounded by loved ones.

If you’re planning a Quince, take a look at the next list of trends to follow and traditions to honor and your fifteenth birthday will truly be a majestic celebration, guaranteed!

Adapted Traditions to Honor

Sharing the emotion of your event with your XV court is an amazing experience, but is it really necessary? Adapt this tradition by choosing one main chamberlain and dancing the waltz with him and your father. Let’s keep our posse VIP, all eyes are on you, chica!



Get Mattel’s Barbie Quinceanera as your last doll “ultima muñeca”

  • Get a Last Doll You’ll Actually Keep

One of the most important Quince traditions is the last doll, which symbolizes your transition from a child to a young lady. Mattel’s Barbie Quinceanera is definitely the last doll you want to get! This beautiful doll makes the perfect keepsake to mark this special day and celebration. You can choose to keep it as a remembrance of your last toy or eventually pass it on to the next girl in your family to turn 15.

  • Plan and rehearse your toast

It is customary for the father or padrino to give a speech honoring celebrant and to thank those who take part in the celebration. Take the reins of this tradition and propose a toast honoring your parents and everyone who made your special day possible. Be grateful, be humble, and most importantly, be yourself.

Adopted Quince Trends

  • Opt for a dress you can wear even after your Quince

Although most girls choose long, puffy, embellished dresses, emerging designers are polishing the modern Quinceanera look by creating demure, elegant dresses easier to alter for a future event.



Ideal for a Great Gatsby Quinceanera!

  • Create themed photo props

How many times have we heard: “Pic or it didn’t happen!?” Whether you go for a photo booth or a DIY backdrop, these are a must! Photo props are the icebreakers at every celebration and when they match your Quince theme, the fascination increases!

  • Go digital!

Stay green and go online with a Quinceanera website.  Send your “Save the Dates” through the web and create personalized Snapchat filters for your guests to post. Don’t forget to announce your party’s official #hashtag so you can access all posts, photos and LIVE videos published.

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