Real Flower Bouquets vs. Artificial Flower Bouquets


Whenever we start considering artificial arrangements and bouquets it is typically because our budget is running a bit low, or maybe we just don’t want to spend that much money on flowers that are going to be thrown away the day after, and we don’t blame you!

Quinceaneras can turn very expensive and a large part of it is flowers.

Explore a few of our Pros and Cons on real flowers vs. artificial flowers, to see which is the best for you and your budget:

Pros on using natural flowers:

  • Natural flowers will look, feel, and smell the prettiest
  • Will add up a more romantic and elegant look to your venue

Cons on using natural flowers:

  • Could turn very expensive
  • Won’t last very long

Pros on using artificial flowers:

Cons on using artificial flowers

  • The most natural looking ones could be as expensive as real ones
  • Some classify them as tacky

Considering this breakdown, our suggestion is balance. A smart mix of artificial flowers here and a couple of real flowers there will harmonize your event into the perfect blend of silk and real flowers without the word “tacky” lingering around. Two tips on mixed flower arrangements:

  1. Be Smart about it!

Aesthetically speaking, the use of all artificial flowers will not give your event a beautiful-jaw-dropping venue; however, strategically placing a few artificial flowers as fillers, or on arrangements that are far away from the eye, or high in placement, will do just that. The key is to use those velvety and perfumed natural blossoms, close to where your guest is to pay attention.

  1. Get Creative!

You don’t have to buy the most exotic and thick stemmed roses for a beautiful venue. Charming wild flowers are cheap and are just as appealing. Get your friends together and plan a fun day of picking wild flowers and bouquet making!

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