Save money using only DIY decorations for your Quince

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Pinched Beauty at Etsy sells these here!

Thanks to sites like Pinterest and Etsy it is easier to create “event-planner’ style-parties and buy stuff only crafty people could do.

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Here are a few ideas that might help you save money during the planning of your Quinceanera!

DIY Quinceanera Centerpieces

 Mason Jars


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Avoid Michaels and the Hobby Lobby, the 99 Cent Only Store carries these! Filled them with baby breath and add your favorite flower in the color of your Quince to each mason jar.

Voila! Chic XV Centerpieces your guests will love to take home.

Hollywood Popcorn


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Perfect for a Hollywood theme Quinceanera! Party City sells the boxes or you could go the extra mile and make them yourself with a bit of carton and stickers. Make sure to use edible glue, your guests might grab a few marshmallows and you don’t want them to get intoxicated…

Quinceanera Venue Decoration

Helium Balloons


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The balloons will be cheap however the helium inflation, not so much! The best place to buy wholesale balloons is Ebay, you could end up buying 100 balloons for just $4.

Tissue Paper Backdrop


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Pick a specific spot at your venue and create a gorgeous backdrop with tissue paper from the 99 Cent Only Stores for your guests to take pictures right in front of it!

Quinceanera Party Favors

 Nail Polish


Pinched Beauty at Etsy sells these here!

Believe it or not, Walgreens sometimes sells Wet n’ Wild nail polish for 60¢ a bottle! Take your time to visit a couple and grab your favorite colors. Get your own personalized tags on Etsy to decorate them. Your friends will love these!

Tiffany Kisses Box


Get these stickers here!

These are not exactly DIY but you will spend little money getting the boxes, the stickers and of course, the chocolate. Remember that spending your money on practical or edible party favors guarantees you that your money did not go to waste and your guests will be more than pleased.

Get these cute boxes here!

Get these cute boxes here!


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