Seven Modern Ways to Throw a Quinceañera

Yoana Estrada

Check out our list of seven modern ways to throw your coming of age celebration!

1. Eco-Friendly 

Save the planet and throw the party of the century at the same time!

It is our responsibility as humans to keep the earth beautiful and clean for future generations. When planning your Quince ask yourself these questions. Can it be reduced, reused, or recycled? You can also look to include more eco-friendly products and services.

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2. Micro Events

Bigger isn’t always better!

The days of large gatherings are so yesterday! A micro event is an intimate affair that consists of 50 people or less. The perk of having a smaller event is being able to interact and talk to everyone you love and care about.

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3. Custom Face Mask

We have to wear them might as well make it cute.

Customizing a face mask for your guests will allow everyone to match the theme. The face mask can even have your initials on it and be kept as a souvenir.

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4. Covid Safety Welcome Box

Greet your guests with covid safety welcome boxes. The box can have everything from hand sanitizers, disinfecting wet wipes, and a seating chart.

5. Luxury Picnics

We’ve seen it all over TikTok! 

Get your damas and chambelanes together and enjoy a relaxing sunset picnic.

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6. Zoom Gathering

The era of Zoom.

Throw a digital quince and share the special moment with your friends and family live from your living room. Traditions that you can still enjoy via Zoom are the father-daughter dance, speeches, and of course singing Las Mananitas. You can end your night with a virtual dance party!


7. Drive Thru Quinceañera

Honk, Honk, Hurray!

Stage a drive-thru quinceañera from the comfort of your own driveway. Decorate your driveway, put on your quince dress, and enjoy the show. Invite your guests to drive by in their cars with signs and balloons.

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