Simple Ways to Save Money on Your Daughter’s XV


Quinceañeras can get really expensive, really fast!

Thankfully, there are some parts of a quince you can save big on in order to splurge a little for what really matters. Here are five simple ways to save money on your daughter’s XV!

Digitize what you can

Send out invitations via email and over social media. This will save you hundreds on having to get actual cards printed and put in the mail – plus, there will be even more design options to choose from, and you can let your daughter customize them entirely! Sites like PicMonkey offer free templates for invitations, or you can make them simple on a word doc! 

Look out for dress sales

Keep an eye out for different dress/bridal retailers in your area and find out when their major sales are held. Stores like David’s Bridal will usually have huge sales twice a year where you can save big on the perfect XV dress. There are also online bridal stores that allow you to rent gowns for much cheaper than buying them. Look at what’s in your area and find a dress your daughter loves!

Skip the DJ and Photographers

Have your daughter and her friends make their very own playlist on an app like Spotify, and hook up a designated device to the venue speakers. Additionally, assign different family members and friends to take pictures of everything and capture the night. Each of these services can cost up to $1,000 each depending on the day and location, but with a little planning, can cost you nothing! 


Keep the guest list VIP

It’s normal to think you have to invite every family member on both sides of the family – but that’s not always reasonable budget-wise. Talk to your daughter about who she wants their most, what friends have been by her side, and what family is the closest. Being surrounded by those who love your daughter most and know her the best will make all the difference.


Crafting up your own table centerpieces, party favors, and picture backdrops will save you hundreds. Flowers can be expensive, simple centerpieces are easy to make without them! And, you can make the party favors even more fun by leaving out candy and treats for guests to pick out themselves. 



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