Six Benefits of Having a Small Quinceañera

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The pressure to throw a big Quinceañera celebration is no longer here! A lot of girls are celebrating their coming of age by putting safety first. Covid-19 and implementing social distancing has made it easier to plan for small gatherings. Not only is it safer but also much more affordable.

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Here are six benefits of Having a Small Quinceanera

1. Intimate Celebration 

Stick to only inviting your VIP guests also known as your family and close friends. An intimate celebration will allow the Quinceanera to mingle with all of her guests. You will be less nervous and will without a doubt enjoy yourself since it is a smaller group of people attending. Not every Quinceanera is perfect but there are times when things do not go as planned. With a more intimate reception, it helps minimize something from going wrong.  

2. Saves time  

All the focus goes to you the “Quinceanera” if you decide to not go with a court of honor. The Hair and Make-up time is cut in half when the only person who needs to get ready is yourself.   

3. Under Budget 

Quinceanera’s are very expensive, to say the least. It has to be taken into consideration all of the costs that go into only a few hours. First starting off with your number of guests, then venue and food. Depending on your guest list and where the Quinceanera is held, having many people can be expensive. 

With gatherings being kept at a minimum number of people to allow for social distancing makes keeping it “small” easy! Overall a small Quinceanera celebration helps keep things under budget and intimate. Allowing the Quinceanera to enjoy her night as well as make the evening more personable fewer guests allow for the Quinceanera to mingle with everyone at her celebration. 

Consider an outdoor Quinceanera. Keep it small and safe yet still elegant for you and your guests!

Check out this video by Quince Madrina on how to Plan your Quinceanera on a Budget

4. All eyes are on the Quinceanera  

There is no room for distractions when the only one involved in the Quinceanera is yourself. Eliminating a court of honor and taking guests off your list that you are not close to will definitely make you feel even more like a celebrity and guarantee all eyes on you. 

5. Everyone is participating 

Fewer people, fewer distractions, your guests will definitely be engaged.  

Check out this TikTok of a Quinceanera with all her tías participating!

6. Fewer Opinions  

When you invite the guests that truly know and care about you only positive vibes will be in the air.  

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