Pick your Quinceanera Damas Following These Tips

Maria Elena Aguilar

There’s nothing like having your best buds alongside of  you on your Quinceañera, sharing in the joy and excitement of your special celebration.

However, this  dream come true can quickly unfold into a drama-filled  nightmare on your big day if you aren’t careful about  whom you select to be in your court.

Below are a few pointers to help you select the right Quinceanera damas for your court:

Dilemma #1: How many damas should I choose?

Tradition says that Quince courts consist of seven damas and seven chambelanes, but if you are hard pressed to find seven gal pals with whom to share your big day, there is nothing wrong with opting for a smaller court.

Similarly, if you have such a big circle of friends and family that it’s driving you nuts trying to cut down your choice of damas to only seven, feel free to invite more for the ultimate Quince party.

While it is important to stick with tradition, there is nothing more important than your happiness and feeling comfortable with everyone in your Quince court.

Dilemma #2: Whom should I invite to be in my court?

Many Quinceañeras opt to “keep it in the family” and to select only a few friends when it comes to selecting their court.

It’s important to keep in mind that your damas will be expected to step up and help you with as much of the planning/preparation as possible in order to keep you from stressing into a Quincezilla.

So when you begin to consider whom to invite as your dama, ask yourself the following questions: Is she reliable? Will she help you keep your cool if you start to freak out from nerves during your Quince? Will she understand that the celebration is YOUR moment to shine and not hers?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to these questions about all of the lovely ladies in your court, then rest assured that you are in for one spectacularly fun and (hopefully) stress-free Quince bash, without Quince dama drama!

Dilemma #3: Who selects the damas’ hair, dress and accessory style?

While it’s a given that you will have a specific color theme in mind for your Quince, and that your damas’ attire should match accordingly, there are a couple of issues you should consider being a bit more lenient about: dress and hair style.

For example, a halter top dress that would look gorgeous on your size 2 bff is perhaps not the ideal selection for your size 12 cousin. Because your final selection of damas is probably quite diverse and each lovely lady has a shape and size that is uniquely hers, you should consider giving them the opportunity to select their own style of dress; your court will still look wonderfully organized and put together so long as they all stick to the pre-selected color.

The same goes for hair style. Because hair texture varies from person to person, you can’t assume that one style will look good on all your damas, so go ahead and let them choose what they think looks best on them (as long as it’s nothing too extreme, like a mohawk!).

Trust us, if you allow your ladies this freedom to choose these two elements, your damas will want to show their appreciation by being as supportive as possible throughout your Quince planning, and during the big day.


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