The best day to celebrate your Quinceanera

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It would be ideal to dance the waltz on the very day you came into the world, however it is not always possible to celebrate your Quinceanera on your actual birthday due to many different circumstances.


If you’re debating over when is the appropriate date to have your party, keep in mind this simple advice.

On your favorite day: If your birthday falls on a Monday pick your next favorite day or perhaps even your favorite season.

On a specific date: There are certain traditions and beliefs that state good luck to specific dates, for example those who follow Catholicism like to celebrate on Thursdays or Quince girls who have their party on a Friday the 13th.

Solstices and equinoxes: Spring’s equinox (March 21st) is a popular date since many events have been attributed to this special day. Solstices (June 21st) are also popular. Some girls even chose to celebrate their Quinceanera along with popular festivities such as Halloween or Dia de Muertos.

On the most affordable day: A weekend would be ideal since all your guests would not have to worry about working the next day, however keep in mind that many venues offer discounts for parties during weekdays. If you feel comfortable with this idea or if time is running and you cannot find an available place, consider this option.

When the most family can join: Most of the times some of your guests include family members who live miles away and who will have a hard time attending your party unless there is an upcoming holiday weekend available; consider this if you wish everyone to take time to come to your Quinceanera or they would have to enjoy your Quinceanera waltz through the webcam.



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