The Most Dapper California Tuxedo Shops for Chambelanes

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We Like our Men in Suits: Tuxedo Shops for Chambelanes

In a world where Quinceañeras are celebrated every weekend, we must make sure our chambelanes look like major stunners and nothing like the rest.

Looking for the perfect shops for your chambelanes?

Check out these modern tuxedo shops that will satisfy not only your taste in style but also your pocket!

Friar Tux Shop

Whether you’re buying or renting, this shop has convenient prices for your chambelanes. With a variety of styles to choose from, it also has several shops to choose in Southern California and even Canada! In addition, you can schedule an appointment online or even buy your suits through the web!


The Black Tux

With shops across the US this shop not only offers suits and tux’s but also has a great variety in shoes, accessories and more! Perhaps you already have the trousers and need the shirt, well The Black Tux shop offers the pieces to complete your chambelanes look too! Rent the suit, own the quinceañera!


Stitch and Tie

If you’re having to carry on with your chambelanes’ expenses or maybe your chambelanes don’t want to buy tux’s then Stitch and Tie by Friar Tux is the perfect go-to place for you!

With the most modern and stylish suits/tux’s this shop also offers deliveries! Order online now and check out their collection starting at $99.95. Why purchase a suit that could go out of style within the next three months? Rent on and always look fly!


Before choosing your chambelanes’ outfits, consider the following:

  • Color:

Depending on your dress and theme colors, base off the colors used on the suits/tux’s. Don’t choose 5 different colors unless you’re planning on having a festive-themed party.

  • Style:

Now in days, it doesn’t really matter if you choose, suspenders, a bow, tie or maybe just plain shirt and trousers as long as it’s all put together accordingly.

  • Pricing range:

Do keep in mind whether you’ll be renting or buying when it comes to spending money on the clothing. Also, decide whether your parents will be paying for your court’s expenses or if they will be responsible and make sure to let them know when asking them to be part of your court.

Individually or in groups, these California tuxedo shops offer affordable deals! Check them out now!

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