The Ultimate Q&A on Floral Centerpieces for Your Quince!

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Choosing floral centerpieces for your big day is never easy! Here’s everything you need to know!


Question: When should I choose my Quince flowers?

Answer: Make sure you know when you are going to have your Quince. Different flowers bloom in different seasons. You may want lilies as your centerpiece, but only roses are in season at the time. The best way to plan your centerpieces is to know the season your Quince falls in, then ask the florist to come up with some examples about a month or two in advance.

Question: When should I book my vendor?

Answer: Make sure to go around to different florists first. You want to get a feel for their work, especially their prices!

Question: How do I know if I can trust my florist to achieve my ideal centerpeice?

Answer: Make sure to communicate what you want! A florists whole job is to make stunning floral pieces that wow their customers and make them happy! The best thing to do is give your florist specific details on what you want and what you don’t want. But remember to relax a bit. They know what they’re doing!

Question: What should I bring to my florist appointment?

Answer: Ask your tailor for a sample of your dama dress fabric. Be sure to bring a picture of your dress and the colors your using as your theme.

Question: I’ve chosen my florist, now what?

Answer: Typically your florist won’t officially start without your family signing a contract. Florists generally ask for 50 percent of the cost up front, with the balance due at week of the Quinceanera. Make sure that the payment schedule is clearly stated in your contract, along with the number and descriptions of each item, with prices; the date, place and time that the flowers will be delivered and assembled; any rental fees for vases or decorations that the florist is providing, along with pickup and return procedures; and any additional labor charges, taxes and other fees.

Question: How much do real flower centerpieces cost?

Answer: The cost depends on which flowers you want. Again this has to go with the season. If you absolutely want a flower that is out of the season your Quince lands on, you will be paying a heavy price. The best thing to do is ask your florist for a list of flowers that are in season, along with the costs.

Question: Is it true that using seasonal blooms saves money?

Answer: This is common advice, but it’s not always accurate. White hydrangeas, for example, are available year-round from South America and cost a fraction of what you’d pay during the late summer growing season here in New York. Lilacs, on the other hand, are three times more expensive if you import them from Holland versus order them from a local farm in the spring. Local tulips are often the same price as ones from Holland, but you can get hundreds of different varieties overseas, whereas here we only have access to a few dozen. It’s important to support local growers whenever possible, but your florist should also present you with all the options so you can make informed decisions and get the best value.

Question: How much should I spend on my floral centerpieces?

Answer: Most people tend to allot about 3 percent of their total budget to flowers. The centerpieces are just as important as any decor and should be given the same budget as your decorations. All this can seem pretty pricey, but luckily florists will always work within your set budget and give you plenty of options to help curve costs.

Question: How big should I make the centerpieces?

Answer: You may forget that your guests will have to be seated at these tables. No one wants to spend the whole time with roses blocking their view of you on your important day. You also need to keep in mind that your venue may have a spectacular view. The best option is to either choose a tall, thin centerpiece or a short wide centerpiece.

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