The world’s most wonderful road

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When traveling for your Quince during difficult times,  the best option is to stay close to home.

Awe-inspiring views, empty beaches, richness in  history and lovely small towns are all included in California’s Route 1 for an unforgettable and wallet-friendly trip. Take advantage of the privilege of living in a place that has everything, including the greatest route in the world, according to experts.

It might sound exaggerated, and perhaps there are “better” roads across the world, but one thing is for sure: Route 1, which runs north to south along California’s coast, is a marvel. This route is packed with history, Franciscan missions, amazing views of the Pacific Ocean, lovely small towns and beaches for great entertainment.

The route begins in Los Angeles and ends in San Francisco, going on and off course as it runs parallel to another historic route in the Golden State, Route 101, also known as El Camino Real. Nevertheless, Route 1 still follows a beautiful trail that begins in San Luis Obispo and concludes along Big Sur just before reaching Carmel and Monterey, the latter being famous for its aquarium located near the Pacific Ocean.

However, it is mandatory to first visit the San Luis Obispo mission, one of the many religious outposts founded by Fray Junípero Serra, a Spanish missionary who left his mark throughout the entire West coast. Next comes the impressive part of the trip, composed of more than a thousand cliffs bordering the Pacific Ocean and a stop at the San Simeon Castle, where two marine elephants lie on a beach they claimed years ago.

If there is still time, a trip to a castle can be worth the journey. An excursion to Hearst Castle, personal residence of the newspaper magnate, William Randolph Hearst, can last half a day due to the large amount of European-fashioned rooms and extravagant pools.

You still have another few days plus another for traveling around San Francisco until you head back to Los Angeles. With a large amount of affordable hotels to spend the night in, Route 1 is definitely a memorable route.

Silvia Alegria

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