Three Steps to a Stress-free Quinceanera!

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Thinking about planning a lifetime event for 200 guests is very stressful. Instead of biting your nails and losing sleep, take action. Kiss the stress goodbye and jump on the easy planning of your quinceañera by following these simple steps.

For a stress-free Quinceanera create a check list

Get all your ideas, dreams and needs on a piece of paper.  Decide what is realistically and make your check list.  This list should be divided in three parts:

  1. a) Things you need to organize before your Quince.  For example, select your dress, choose your DJ, and decide on the center pieces.
  2. b) Things you need to get done the day of your Quince. In this category you want to include the flowers to church, linens to banquet hall, your emergency bag to the venue.
  3. c) Things you need to do after your Quince such as send Thank you notes and return rented items.

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Form a quince committee

Gather your aunts and cousins who want to be a part of the quince fun and assign responsibilities. Carefully select the members of your committee; you will depend on them to make your dream quinceañera come true. The tasks can be as simple as auntie in charge of church flower arrangements, cousin in charge of banquet hall the day of the event, sister-in-law to take the cake to the party.  Make sure to put together the list with expectations and deadlines for each member of your committee.

Communicate, communicate, communicate!

Can I say communicate one more time?!?!  It is important to have weekly get-togethers with your committee. Treat them to a Starbucks and sit down with them. Ask questions, get updates and take notes.  Add the notes to your timeline and make sure everyone is on track.  Remember to always be thankful. They love you and are doing this out of the kindness of their heart to make you happy.

Don’t spend another day worrying about your Quince.  Take action now and share the excitement of planning your stress-free Quinceanera.

Happy planning!

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