Tips to prevent any mishaps at your Quince

Giselle Guerra

Months of practice, countless hours of devotion, and still your quince day may not be perfect, and that’s okay!

Unexpected accidents may happen that are totally uncalled for, but it’s up to you to make the most out of them and don’t let them affect you. Here are some ways to prevent this from happening to you!

      Practice with your dress!

quince practice

Practicing with out your dress is a whole other story than practicing with it. Prevent any unwanted falls or trips by experiencing what it’s like to walk around in your poofy dress, more importantly, when dancing!

     Falling head over heels, literally!

Quince Heels

It’s always a good idea to practice with your heels, especially if it’s your first time wearing them for a whole event.  Take them out a few times each week and walk around in them! They may not be the most comfortable but you’ll be breaking them in every time. I assure you, this will guide you and avert you from tripping and discomfort on your big day.

Prepare for Line Dances

Quince Dances

  El Caballo Dorado is hands down one of the most popular quince line dances! One of those everybody knows and gets the dance floor flooded when the DJ plays it on. Your friends and family will urge you to join in. Just one problem, you have no idea how it goes! Don’t feel so bad, you’re not alone! Get someone to teach you any popular line dances you might hear at your quince so you can join in on the fun and bust a move.

 Never stop & always keep going!


If you, a dama, or a chambelan misses or forgets a step, the best thing to do is to not make a scene, play it off, and keep going. Yes, it may seem like the most embarrassing thing, but I promise you it’s not a big deal and that it went unnoticed if you simply push forward and keep that smile!


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