Top 5 Quinceañera Guest Complaints, Can You Guess Which Ones?

Gabriela Alvarado

Your Quinceanera party is all about you and your family celebrating your transition into womanhood and welcoming you into society.

However, even though it should be a celebration for you, your guests’ enjoyment ensures the success of your party.

Quinceañera Guest Complaints:


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#1 An Inconvenient Date

Let your guests get away from reality experiencing the BEST Quince celebration ever, but don’t, we repeat, DON’T expect your guests to give up spending Christmas or Thanksgiving with their loved ones to celebrate with you.

How to Deal With It

If for some uncommon reason you’re considering having your Quinceañera at a potentially hard time of the year, check in with your closest relatives to see if they can spare that day to celebrate with you. Also, your guests will be more willing to attend on a sticky time of the year if they knew about the date months in advance.


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#2 Guest Complaint: Inconvenient Seating Arrangement

It’s not uncommon that your guests end up seated in an uncomfortable position, touching each other’s elbows, and barely able to move. Or, in your attempt to have an outrageous decoration, your guests get stuck facing a huge orchid all night. One of the biggest Quinceañera guest complaints in our history.

How to Deal With It

Easy fix! Don’t cram too many guests in one spot. Also, keep your centerpieces at a conversation-friendly height. This will ensure a fluid conversation during the whole night.


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#3 Guest Complaint: Oh No, the Music Was Awful!

Your dress is amazing, you look stunning, the decoration is out of this world, and the food left everyone craving for more. However, something BIG was missing. In order to make your party a success you need to make sure the music will exhaust your friends, parents, tíos, padrinos, and even your grandparents.

How to Deal With It?

The mood of both the party and your guests will highly depend on the DJ or live band. Therefore, research well in advance the options available to entertain your guests. Ask for references and a copy of their playlists. Also, make sure you prepare a Quince playlist that will make everyone dance their shoes off.


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#4 Quinceañera Guest Complaint: Inedible Food

No Quinceañera wants to give her guests a stomachache or make them stop by a fast food place to fulfill their desperate need for food after her party. The food MUST be tasteful and fulfilling.

How to Deal With It?

Arrange for a food tasting before you choose the final Quinceañera menu. Make sure you ask about food allergies or dietary requirements ahead of time. Plan for a backup plan in case you end up having those “unexpected” guests you weren’t supposed to have.


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#5 Guest Complaint: Climate Crisis

There are a few unpredictable situations that are out of your hands. Weather? Top one! Exposing guests to extreme weather conditions will more likely cramp their style.

How to Deal With It?

It’s not your fault if a weather emergency happens on your special day. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your guests are comfortable, especially if you’re hosting your Quinceañera outside. Make sure there will be plenty of shade and heat in case it rains or is too cold. If it’s too hot, paper fans could be a fun and useful tool to help ease the humidity. Also, use tents and parasols to make some shade. App

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