Top Five Party Favors: COVID-19 Edition

Marina B.

Whether you are hosting a small, intimate Quinceañera or a drive-thru style celebration, these top five party favors are sure to make your Quinceañera a hit while keeping it COVID-19 safe!

1. Hand Sanitizer


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Giving out personalized hand sanitizers to your guests will not only make your special day memorable but also keep them safe! You can design and create fun stickers or labels that can be customized to your theme.

2. Masks

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You have your guests covered with this party favor! Whether they forgot a mask or want to add another to their collection, a mask is a great party favor that will be sure to leave a great impression!

3. Customized Candy Labels 

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These candy favors are a sweet addition to your celebration! Instead of a candy table or station, you can give out personalized candies that will leave a sweet feeling for your guests! Pre fill small baggies with your favorite candy and hand to each guest who stops by.

4. Homemade Soap

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What a fun way to get your family and friends to wash their hands with homemade soap! You can make it yourself or support a local business while knowing that you are inspiring everyone to stay clean and safe!

5. Mints

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Bad breath is no fun! Mints are an amazing way to keep your breath minty fresh under your mask. Guests will appreciate the personalized touch of having a nice treat and leave your Quinceañera with a smile and fresh breath!

These are a few ideas of how you can give the best party favors for your Quinceañera celebration, COVID-19 Edition!

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