7 Ways to Include Your Dad in Your Quinceanera Planning

Jazmin Alvarez

We can’t help it! Mom might be the first person you confide in when it comes to quinceanera planning.

But you’ll soon discover that your dad can help you in countless ways other than dealing with the finances and he’d be more than honored to help!


Make your dad part of your quinceanera planning and watch your relationship with him grow stronger!

Dance Lessons

Dancing to cumbia, norteño, salsa, merengue, or bachata for your surprise dance? Your dad can teach you a few moves and even become your best dance partner to practice with! Nowadays, quinceaneras not only have the waltz and surprise dance, but also a choreographed father-daughter dance.

Tuxedo Selection

Your dad sure knows how to dress up like a gentleman. Ask for his opinion when it comes down to deciding the tuxedo for your chambelanes. It’s guaranteed to look elegant and timeless.


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Choosing the Limo

Take advantage of his good taste in cars and include him in the limo selection!


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Toast Rehearsal

Take note of your dad’s public speaking skills because you’ll need it when performing your toast. Practice your toast in front of him and invite other family members to join until you feel comfortable.


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Last Minute Prepping

You’ll need all the help you can get to ensure your quinceanera venue looks on point! Whether it’s sealing envelopes or finishing the centerpieces, we’re sure he wouldn’t mind helping you out especially if it’s while watching the news or his favorite TV show.


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Support Buddy

You’ve been his little girl since you were born and has seen you grow into the woman you are today. If you’re feeling nervous or stressed out before your big day, take a walk at the park with your dad or invite him to breakfast and vent. He’ll know how to comfort you!


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Checklist Coordinator

You’ll soon learn that your dad has better organizational and party planning skills than you ever thought. Along with your mom, he’s bound to become a powerful addition to the team. Let him check off items as you go so you have one less thing to worry about.



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