What are Quinceaneros? Quinceaneras for Guys!

Grecia Hernandez

Have you been invited to a Quinceanero? You may soon!

The Quinceanera tradition is a coming-of-age event to celebrate a girl’s transition into adulthood.

Although women are considered mature young ladies at age 15, boys are believed to turn into men until they reach 18; perhaps this is why mostly girls have Quinceaneras.

Lately, we’ve seen more boys having Quinceaneras to honor their 15th birthday, among the reasons why they’re doing it are:

a) Being the only male in the family

b) Being Hispanic and wanting to adopt the culture and heritage

c) Being religious and wanting to honor God

Quinceanera celebrations for guys, (Shall we call them Quinceaneros?) are very similar to those for girls.

They do a waltz with their Quince court

Have awesome surprise dance routines

And even take fabulous shots for their very own Quinceanera Video!

If you’re a guy who wants to have a Quinceanera or if you’re currently planning your son’s Quinceanera, please reach out to us at [email protected]

We would love to get the 411 of your awesome celebration and up-and-coming trend!

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