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What to Do When Your Quinceañera Is a Year Away


You’ve been counting down the days to your quinceanera, and now you need to start planning! 

Budgeting, planning, decorating, and everything else that goes into your quinceanera can be stressful and exhausting, but here is a 12-month countdown for what you should be aiming to get done as you get closer to the date!


12 Months Until Your Quinceanera 

  • Visit for all of the party inspiration.
  • Take the time to set a strict, smart budget.
  • Book the venue ASAP!

10 months

  • Pick your theme.
  • Research vendors for the dress, catering, and decorations. 
  • Watchout for XV Expos. 

8 months

  • Pick the XV Court, or decide if you aren’t having one. 
  • Choose the vendors.
  • Draft a guest list.


6 months


4 months


2 months

  • Send out official invitations
  • Dress fitting.
  • Finalize/organize details with all of the vendors.

3 weeks

  • Write a toast
  • Organize guest RSVP’s
  • REST!

Be Patient!

Planning your quinceanera is going to be a lot of fun but it can also get really stressful. That is why it’s important to take care of your mental health. Take a break if things aren’t going as you planned. Your parents, tia’s, and friends are here to help you plan the party of your dreams. Everyone is here to help you plan your party and getting frustrated at them won’t help!

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