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Quince Expo in Orange County

Moda 2000 fashion show at the 2015 Quince Expo in Orange County

For the very first time, the Business Expo Center in Anaheim celebrated the most important event dedicated to teenagers: our 2015 Quince Expo! 

The Quince Expo in Orange County was celebrated at a new venue this past Sunday, May 17. We are talking about the Business Expo Center in Anaheim, which was packed with so many energetic girls and their families ready to make their dream Quinceañera come true.


Quinceanera.com Expo & Fashion Show in Orange County

The excitement started right before entering the venue. The Business Expo Center was dressed in pink with plenty of Quince decorations, but the huge pink balloon flying above the venue was definitely the best! After seeing it from a long distance you knew you were at “the-place-to-be”.

Once you crossed registration you could immediately feel the party atmosphere that reigned inside, with music and the noise of people visiting every booth. They saw dresses, banquet halls, photo and video, food specials, and much more! The Quince Expo was packed with every party service for a Quinceañera.


Decoradissimo Fashion Show at the 2015 Quince Expo in Orange County.

Although, we can’t deny, the most anticipated part of our 2015 Quince Expo in Orange County: the Fashion Show! Girls, moms and even the dads awaited anxiously for the presentation of the two Quinceañera dress collections by Moda 2000 and Decoradissimo. And this time, we saw even more! Both brands not only presented the most spectacular dresses for Quinceañeras and their damas, but also, Moda 2000 showed us a variety of dresses for moms.


Moda 2000 Fashion Show at the 2015 Quince Expo

The excitement continues! 

We can’t forget the participation of beautiful Karla Amezola, news anchor for Estrella TV, who conquered the audience with her grace and charm during the Fashion Show. We love how much she fell in love with our Quince Expo! “I love this event because it is so full of contagious energy,” said Amezola, adding that these expos are of great help for teenagers. “Having everything here under one roof and being able to plan a Quinceañera in one day is priceless.”

The Quinceañera.com Expo in Anaheim fulfilled everyone’s expectations, as shown by the enthusiasm of all the attendees. “I came with my mother to see the cakes but I liked everything that I saw including the music and limousines,” said Paola Ramirez, from Santa Ana, who is having her party in October, 2015. Meanwhile, Brisa Garzon arrived with her young daughters, including a future quinceañera. “This is the first event that we attend. It has given us many ideas of what we can buy and how we can save money,” told us the Anaheim resident. Her daughter will have her party in two years, but she already wants to start planning. Mission accomplished!

The next Quinceañera.com Expo & Fashion Show will be held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, on Sunday, June 7. We’ll be waiting for you!

Here is a photo gallery full with all the breathtaking moments during our Quinceañera Expo. Among the best, our Quince godmother, the “Princess for a Day” winner, Brenda Irwin, and the beautiful Quinceañera dresses. Enjoy!

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