A Lawyer About to Flourish, Ontario Cover Girl 2015!

Luca Verne

Destiny Rivera, a lawyer about to flourish

The 14 year old wants to become a lawyer, volunteer for humanitarian causes and remain happy.

Luca Verna. Los Angeles

“I am so happy that there are no words to explain how I feel,” says Destiny Rivera. The 14 year-old has become the cover girl for the Quinceanera.com magazine and she hopes this will serve as a springboard to stay involved in the world of modeling and fashion. This young teenager of Mexican origin still aims to become a lawyer and defend others. “It’s my dream.”


But before doing so, she will have to fulfill another dream that has been growing inside of her, that of being the center of attention when she turns 15. It will be in August in Downtown Los Angeles at a venue that has not yet been determined, before a crowd of at least 400 guests.

And who pays for all this? “My parents,” she laughs confidently. “For them it is money well spent because they carry a lifetime talking about the party and how important it is for them, like good Mexican immigrants.” So they have spared no expense and will feature seven chamberlains and dozens of flowers decorating the venue. “That will be my theme she says, something spring like so that there are a lot of flowers everywhere.”

Otherwise, it is expected to be a big party with people dancing like never before. “I have been dreaming about this party for a long time and I have been told that the more people, the better, so I don’t have to worry about that. I know it will be very special.”

Rivera has earned the efforts and affection of her parents. She is an outstanding student, present in honor classes since middle school, so the transition to high school has been easy.

“School is one of my passions because it is very important in my life. I think I’m a very good student.” She is the perfect fit at South Gate High School where she now prepares to attend college and study law.

It is something that she combines with other hobbies such as sporting events, cheerleading, and participating in all kinds of causes as a volunteer. “I like helping people,” she says. “I always like to be positive and try to give love and peace to the world, leave a peaceful track where I step. I’m focused on enjoying life.”


Regarding the Quinceanera.com Expo in Ontario on Sunday, she expects to fully enjoy it as much as the cover girl competition. “Everyone congratulated me, my family and friends. Somehow they feel part of that success because all participated in the voting process for me to win.”

She expects this to be a positive experience that will open many doors in the future. “I like being the center of attention, so I have no problem with shyness and being exposed to the public,” a crucial factor in photoshoots and to become the image of a magazine.

About boyfriends, so far nothing. “I prefer to focus on my education and they will eventually come,” she says with a laugh, with a whole life ahead and a career, personal and professional, for now, is going well.

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