Between Sports and Cosmetology, Los Angeles Cover Girl 2015!

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Esmeralda Sanchez knows what she wants in life, but in the meantime, she enjoys planning her Quinceañera and the close relationship with her mother

Chiquis, the nickname the quinceañera girl has always been referred as, is already thinking of what her quinceañera will be like at only 13 years old. Her name is Esmeralda Sanchez and she won the Cover Girl contest for the Los Angeles edition magazine, organized by

Esmeralda is a young woman who has a clear vision of what she wants in life. 
“The manner in which she expresses herself does not seem to pertain to a person of her age, but she also has that side that makes you laugh, she sees life with optimism,” said Ms. Sanchez about her only daughter. The young lady also supports her mother’s point of view by saying. “My mom is a single mother who always pushes me to achieve what I want”.






The close relationship between mother and daughter is reflected in Esmeralda’s clear ideas about her future. Her values ​​and discipline are the result of the education provided by Ms. Sanchez, who used to be part of the of the United States’ Marines. “I did not do it alone, I always got my mom’s and my two sisters’ help,” said the proud mom.

Esmeralda longs to play basketball in college, a sport that she has played since she was young girl. But this is not the only activity that keeps her busy, she has also been part of a football team and a dance group at school since her childhood. Of course, she also has other academic goals. “I want to study Cosmetology at USC because I like it and I am interested in anything related to makeup and hairstyles,” said the student.
 It seems to be that “Kiki”, another of her nicknames, has everything well planned. She already knows that the theme of her Quinceañera will be Paris.






Moreover, Esmeralda does not ignore the distractions that can occur at her age, but her mother has advised her about having a boyfriend and the problems that young people face, such as the use of drugs. “She has told me that I’m too young to have a boyfriend. My mom has also told me about the consequences of using drugs and how they ruin your life. I do not want to take that road,” the girl said.

The Cover Girl said that she attended’s Expo in San Fernando and loved everything she saw at the event and also learned about the contest for the Los Angeles edition. “I signed her up for the competition. When we were told she had won, we could not believe it,” said the mother of the winner.

Esmeralda will be the first in three generations that will have a quinceañera. That makes her happy, although she keeps herself focused on what she wants in the future. “I want to graduate from college, then travel, get married, and have children. Yes, “Chiquis” knows what she wants in life.


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