Meet Dayanne Gonzalez

Dayanne Gonzalez: Quinceanera Cover Girl

Luca Verne

Dayanne Gonzalez -excellent student, friends with her parents and future entrepreneur-surely earned her 500 guests Quince party. 

Dayanne Gonzalez is a driven girl with a good head on her shoulders who would rather focus on school than boys. She keeps no secrets from her parents, does not care about drugs, alcohol or tobacco and longs to make a difference with her life- her mother’s pride.

She celebrated her birthday with a massive party where she had everything she asked for and more to share and enjoy with the 500 people who attended her Quinceanera. Now, just before turning 16, she remembers the most important day of her life and assures she would not have traded it for anything else, even when her parents made several offers.

“They made me choose between a trip, a car and several other things, but I wanted a party since it had been a dream of mine since I was a little girl.” says the young student who was born on October 17, 1995. “I wanted to look like a princess on that special day and I sure did.”

Planning the party and having chosen the colors, they began the search a year before Dayanne’s special day; picking the venue (which could not be traditional) came first, then the dress, along with the rest of the details regarding this celebration.

Luckily, money was not an issue for what Dayanne wanted her Quince party to be like. “At times my mom would control my spending, but I wanted to have the best of everything and at the end I got away with it,” she states with a smile on her face. “The party was also possible thanks to my godparents and friends who put money in for the event.”

Dayanne’s closest friends and family members gathered at a ranch in Corona, California with enough space for her extended family on her dad’s side, plus her cousins, friends and acquaintances. In total, more than 500 souls came together for this Quinceanera’s birthday party. After the mass ceremony, which also took place at the ranch, the party began and lasted until midnight.

However, the worst for Dayanne was that it was not long enough. “It happened so quickly, I woke up, had my makeup done, took pictures and then I realized the mass and party were over.”

Nonetheless, she keeps the most memorable moment during the party, which is most likely every girl’s special memory, dancing the waltz with her dad along with the people who rehearsed it for weeks. They chose music from “Pasion”, a soap opera showing on Televisa which went accordingly with the renaissance theme of the celebration.

“We made an effort for everything to run smoothly, the girls on my court danced with masks that everyone loved.” Even when she says there were some guests who might have had a bit too much to drink, the party had a pretty healthy and fun feeling.

Now that the party is over, Dayanne focuses once again on school. “I am into school”, she says as she describes herself. “I like academics; I want to be someone important in life. I hope to study business administration and somehow combine it with fashion”, one of her passions.

She is currently a junior at Santiago High School in Corona, a school where not everyone speaks Spanish, which  serves as an advantage to Dayanne since Spanish is her mother tongue. “I have always spoke Spanish, in fact it is easier than English. I believe it is a great advantage and vital for my future to be bilingual.”

Besides studying, she likes to hang out with her friends during the weekends, go to the movies and shop. “The average thing for a girl my age”, she says. Dayanne enjoys her healthy lifestyle and advises people, especially girls her age, not to try drugs.

As far as marriage goes, she takes it one step at a time. Her mom, Sonia Gonzalez, shares her thoughts since she married at the young age of 20.

“I think it is best for her to enjoy life to the fullest.” And Dayanne agrees, “There is plenty of time to have my own family,” states the perfect girl.

Dress: Roxy’s Bridal. Colección Alana Maylyn ( Makeup and hairdo: Sonia Guillén (909-890-8413) Photos: 

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Meet Dayanne Gonzalez Meet Dayanne Gonzalez, Magazine’s cover girl for our September 2011 issue.


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