I have no interest in growing up too fast

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Guadalupe Espinoza - cover girl of Quinceanera.com's 2009 editionGuadalupe Espinoza delayed her quinceañera when she realized the money her parents would spend, but does not regret the effort. She likes to talk, cars and animals. By profession: she wants to be a model.

Guadalupe Espinoza wants to be a model. Just 16 years old but already she’s on her way. Not only  does she known different poses and is liked by the camera, but in her bag you’ll always find several shirts, pants and shoes for an impromptu photo shoot.

Guadalupe belongs to a generation of Hispanics willing to take on the world. She is proud of her roots, speaks Spanish fluently, but prefers English, is a methodical student, cute, clever and open at the time of saying things.

She lives with her mother and stepfather, with whom she has an excellent relationship with and her step-borhters who she regards to as simply brothers. A total of five, four by her stepfather and an older biological brother.

She thinks of love but prefers not to speak about it. Of course she can’t help but blish when asked about boys. “I have friends, but nothing more,” she says with a half smile. Then extends her response and said she was “lucky in love, but for now I try to focus on my studies and my career. I talk a lot with my mother, who always tells me that life is not just boys and clothes, but that there are more important things like work and study. ”

Guadalupe Espinoza - 2009 quinceanera.com magazine cover girl

She raves about her sweet fifteen party. It was in the city of Bell a year later than her actual birthday. She was unsure of what she would wanted her quinceanera to be like, but after attending the parties of her friends she finaly came to a decition. “My mother asked me what I thought of having a sweet sixteen instead of a sweet fifteen and I said yes, and being that my actual birthday is in January and it’s cold, we moved it to June to enjoy the good weather.”

Besides her celebrating her 16th birthday instead of her 15th, it was a very Hispanic celebration. “Everyone was confused with my age thingin I was turning 15 when really I was 16,” she smiles. She held a white dress and all the other traditions, “church, toast and everything,” she explains. “I danced with uncles, cousins ??and the whole family” from the first waltz to surprise dance, a merengue.

She declares that she is proud of being Hispanic. “I’m happy to be Hispanic because I like to speak two languages. Not everyone can say that. ” In addition to her roots, she describes herself as a great talker. “Whenever I have something to say, I do not like to stay still. I have a lot of energy. I am also passionate about dancing. I’m taking dance classes and dance from ballet to hip hop.”

Guadalupe also claims to know how to paint your nails. “I do mine,” and her mother’s, her cousin’s ??and so on. That way if modeling doesn’t pan out she can still do something that has to do with the industry. “Since I was small I’ve always liked to take pictures and when I did the session for my party, I enjoyed it. I like performing in front of the camera. ”

Sweet sixteen celebrationBut hurry because the future arrives. “I have no interest in growing-up too fast. I do not want to have children or anything like that for now, of course. ” What we do know is that she wants to do something with her life. “I don’t want to leave school and go to work at McDonalds, I rather go to college.”

She is surrounded by good friends and stays away from drugs. “Neither alcohol nor drugs get my attention.” And she confesses that she tells her mother everything.  Her mother is her best friend.

As for clothes, she likes to dress simple, with skirts, skinny jeans and summer clothes in winter. Her favorite store is Forever 21. Her dream trip: Puerto Rico and Egypt, which has always attracted her.

She says her favorite movie is 1999’s The Mummy and she carries in her heart Beauty and the Beast. And although she has not read too many books, she has begun to approach the Bible. “I read it from time to time because it makes me think.”

Guadalupe was our Quinceanera.com Cover Girl and was “thrilled” to be shown in a magazine. She was also awarded a scholarship valued at $ 1,700 from El Clasificado to study at the Academy of Patricia Sturla modeling.


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