Lesly Solis: “I take pride on being Mexican”

Luca Verne

Lesly Solis was born in Corona yet is 100% fluent in Spanish. She loves soccer, hanging out with her friends and spending time with her parents. She says her most memorable moment at her Quinceanera was the waltz she danced with her dad.
Even though her birth certificate indicates she is 15, this quinceanera is nothing like the others. She speaks fluent Spanish, loves soccer and feels more connected to Mexican culture than her own.
Her favorite soccer teams are America and Barcelona; nonetheless she is as feminine as can be. In fact, she came prepared with several dresses to choose from for a photo shoot that has been long scheduled. “This is my first cover,” she says tenderly. She is sweet yet has a strong personality and is willing to reach her goals even when they do not fully depend on her.
She have always wanted to celebrate her fifteen years of age with an exuberant party and even when the economic situation was not at its best, it all came together thanks to the help of her family and her dad’s new job.

And so Lesly Solis, a curly blonde hair girl from Corona, California celebrated her party on May 28, just a few months after turning 15 years old.
When asked about her party she says, “It was hard because I thought I was not having one due to the financial hardship we were going through”. Her dad had lost his job just before her birthday, slowly but surely things began to work out and her dad managed to find other gigs. He had been working for the timber industry for years but the company unfortunately closed. Her family’s support was vital, “My aunt and uncle said they will help me and the idea to have a Quinceanera was back on track, I was excited since it was a moment I have been waiting for all my life.”
Choosing a dress and the music among others was the fun part of planning the party. “Even though it was expensive, my parents wanted me to have a party since I am the oldest of their children.”
Before she realized, her party was taking place. “I did not know what was happening”, she says, “Photographers came over to my house then I realized the day had arrived.”
Due to the rush and stress everyone was going through, not everyone made it on time to the mass.
“It made me upset that my parents were late but I hold on to my godparents and family and we went in to enjoy the ceremony. It was beautiful” explains the young student.
Once the mass ceremony was over, they all headed to the Zacatecas Café in Riverside, where the most important people in Lesly’s life gathered. “Some girls invite their whole school to the party, but it was enough for me for my family and closest friends to be there.” With the economic situation all I really wanted was my dress and a mass to thanked God, my main objective.
Lesly wants to become a journalist and to graduate with honors from her High School in Riverside. “I want to study as much as possible. I am not the best student but I do not procrastinate.”
The advantage Lesly has among her generation is the fact that she is bilingual. I only speak English when I am at school and since I am blonde they are surprised once they know I speak Spanish as well. If I had to choose, I’ll go with Spanish.”
It is not just a language but cultural thing, “I am proud of my heritage. Being Mexican is such an honor; I believe I feel more Mexican than anything else, maybe because the food is amazing.”
Her parents, from Michoacan and Zacatecas are responsible with Lesly’s pride. She states having a really close relationship with them and even attending parties together so they know everything is under control. “I am not ashamed of being with my parents at all times.” This has not been an issue regarding the boyfriend department since she said she is currently not interested and she prefers to study.
Lesly says she would like to have 4 children, a house, a car and being able to help her parents. With her smile and personality she has everything on track to make her dreams come true.


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