Cute Rainy Day Outfits for Winter Storms


Winter is in full effect, and no matter where you live in the U.S., some rain is going to come your way at least once before spring gets here.

Whether you’re trying to avoid slipping on the stairs while heading to class, or still want to look stylish while it’s drizzling—we’ve got rainy day outfits for you.

1. Women’s Chelsea Rain Boots


These ankle boots from Target can wick away rain drops while you are walking around your middle school or high school, and they aren’t as heavy as traditional rain boots.

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2. Cherry Blossom Umbrella

Plastic-rain-umbrella-AmazonEven if the clouds are gray, spring can still be in the air with this cheery umbrella sold by Amazon.

3. Fleece-Lined Leggings


Your legs need to be kept warm during the chilly winter months and these fleece-lined leggings will keep them nice and toasty as you’re jumping in some puddles.

4. Nike Women’s Jacket


This sleek black Nike rain jacket can keep you dry while you’re walking around the parking lot after a football game or running errands around town.

5. Cozy socks

Cozy-socks-Macys-gray-white-polka-dotsIt’s inevitable to get at least slightly wet during the rainy season. Pull on these fluffy socks to keep you warm from head to toes after getting splashed on. Keep them in rotation for cute rainy day outfits!

6. Hooded raincoat


When the wind starts to howl, put on your hoodie to block out the air from flowing into your eardrums. This cute jacket will have you putting up the hood on purpose to add to your stylish outfit.

7. Gloves


Holding an umbrella in chilly weather can make your hands go numb, so it’s better to have something enveloping your hands. These gloves for under $5 will make both your heart and your wallet feel warm and cozy.



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