Clothes, Clothes, and More Clothes!

Alicia Monsalve

That usual mess of clothes on your bedroom floor may be a sign that you need to get rid of some clothes.


Getting rid of your old clothes will make room for a new batch.


A quinceañera needs to go shopping for her big day. But if your closet is full and you need room for your coming quinceañera wardrobe then turn to recycling the clothes you no longer wear.

Admit it, you have more clothes than you wear. Surely there is a piece you bought in a rush to impress someone or to attend a party that you don’t wear anymore. If your unwanted clothes still look new then maybe you can try to resell them. For more room for your quinceañera wardrobe, selling your clothes at a cheap price would still be worthwhile.

Recycling old clothes can become a healthy habit that your parents would appreciate since it encourages organization. Remember, someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Though you may not be able to exchange the clothes that never fitted you exactly you may be able to clean your wardrobe just in time for your quinceañera.

You can even get rid of those embarrassing used clothes passed down from relatives that you’ve never worn. One advantage of living in Los Angeles is having options to sell, exchange, or buy secondhand clothes of good quality and even designer pieces. Many celebrities send their own used clothes to these Los Angeles locations. So these facilities are doing everyone a favor by circulating the clothes people don’t want.

To find the right place to buy, sell, and exchange used clothing do your research. There are a lot of popular places in Los Angeles such as Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange. Other places include Wasteland on Melrose or boutiques in Silverlake and Echo Park. It’s actually not that hard to find these havens for used clothes.

If the idea of buying secondhand interests you then go ahead and research more vintage shops. Jet Rag in West Hollywood is a suggestion. Burbank and Studio City have other places where you can get clothes of celebrities and the seasons.


So do not waste any more closet space, recycle to help minimize more stress leading up to your quinceañera.


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