Five Fun Fashion Trends To Try This Summer 2021

Yoana Estrada

Are you tired of wearing the same old tie-dye matching sweat pants set? 

 Looking to revamp your style this summer? The Fashion side of TikTok and Instagram is where you want to be! TikTok and Instagram are a great way to keep up and look for the latest trends that all of your FAV influencers and celebrities are rocking. We’re talking about trends that  Kylie, Addison Rae, and the D’amelio sisters are currently following.  In this post, we’re going to dive into five fun fashion trends that you should try this summer.

Wrap Top 

Wrap tops are not a new concept but they have been taking over the fashion scene lately.  A wrap top is basically what it sounds like. A top that gives the appearance or actually wraps around your body. These tops are ideal because they come in different styles and it’s easy to create a variety of looks.


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Mom Jeans 

The time has come to rid ourselves of all the skinny jeans in our closets and make room for the classic high wasted mom jean. The mom jean is a staple that first came into the fashion scene in the 90s. These high-waisted jeans are flattering on a variety of body types because of the way that they sit on your waist instead of your hips.

Tennis Skirts

Move out of the way sweat pants because tennis and pleated skirts are in this summer! It’s not unusual to see Kendall or Kylie striking a pose next to a tennis court in their mini pleated skirts. You too can pull off this preppy sporty babe aesthetic by pairing this skirt with a sweater vest or cute workout top.

Shoulder Bags

The 90s and 2000s fashion are in full swing this summer and they’re here to slay! The Prada Nylon shoulder bag is the bag that started it all! Although, you don’t need a Prada to participate in this trend. It’s almost always better to try the affordable version of the trends before investing in a product that you might not like. Check out the variety of colors and styles that you can pair and color coordinate with your outfits.


Floral Print Summer Dresses

Nothing says summer like throwing on a flowery and flowy dress. Flower print dresses and sets are easy to find this summer season. Not a fan of dresses? You can always opt out for a flowery romper set to create similar looks.

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