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Hot Topic: Quinceanero Inspo!

Yoana Estrada

A Quinceanera celebration is a beautiful tradition that celebrates young ladies coming of age moment.

There are also a variety of similar celebrations that already exist. For example, there is a ‘’cincoaneras’ which celebrates a girl’s fifth birthday. There are also women who celebrate their 30th birthdays which are called, ‘trientaneras’. Last but not least, we also have QUINCEANEROS! A quinceanero is a boy who wants to celebrate and honor his 15th birthday. Check out the following posts and videos to get inspired when it comes to planning your quinceanero!


James Bond-Themed Quinceanero

This Quinceanero looked sharp in his white jacket tuxedo during his James Bond-themed quince! Check out his quince highlights below.

Alan’s Quinceanero

For many years, the Mexican tradition for a young lady when she turns 15 is to celebrate with a big party called a Quinceanera! I decided to have the same, but for boys! It was a night filled with joy, fun, and so much entertainment I will never forget! Hope you enjoy it! (p.s this was all a last-minute thing and we learned the dance and ordered everything in less than A MONTH!”


Quinceanero: The Musical

A whimsical musical short about a Catholic boy’s dream of having a Quinceañera.

(Written & Directed by: Justin Floyd, Produced by: Lizet Lopez, Co-Produced By: Aurelio Lopez, Choreography by: Ambrosio Resipcio III, Music by: Max Aruj, Steffen Thum)

What should you wear to your Quinceanero?

A quinceanero can wear whatever he wants! Youtuber, Louie Castro went all out last year in a full-on quince dress and wig. Check out some outfit inspo below!

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