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Posing 101: Tips From a XV Modeling Coach


Miss Eco Teen Nevada, Alondra Perez Rodriguez is the owner of The TKF Academy, a  quinceañera modeling school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Apart from being a business owner, she coaches girls on being grateful, how to be confident both inside and out, and modeling.

Alondra Bridget knows from experience the stress that comes from planning a quinceañera. Her job at Dreams Bridal led her to meet lots of young girls who never had the opportunity to throw their own quinceanera. She is currently working on creating a dream quinceanera giveaway in Los Vegas. Keep reading for quinceanera posing tips from a professional modeling instructor. Enjoy! 


Posing 101

1. Don’t expect everything to be perfect!

This can be tough for most girls and their mothers. Things get forgotten and people being late is a part of life. Learn to go with the flow.


2. Have an idea of the dress you want.

Make sure to check Instagram for ideas. @quinceanera is a great place to start.



3. The more crinolines, the better!

Want your dress to be super big and puffy? The trick is to buy and stack three crinolines on top of each other plus an aro. Or, you can buy a jumbo crinoline that already includes an aro.

4. Test your hair and makeup beforehand.

The number of times I’ve seen a quinceanera unsatisfied with their hair and make-up on the day of their quince is UNREAL! This is why you should always test your makeup and hair the day before.


5. Learn how to walk in your heels before your quince.

Whether it’s by yourself or by joining a modeling academy! You’ll thank me later! 


6. Strike a post in front of a mirror.

Practicing your facial gestures and poses beforehand will ensure the best pictures possible. It also takes some pressure off of your shoulders.


A note from Alondra Bridget

“Modeling quinceañera dresses at the age of 14 has given me the confidence to create my own fashion show as a school project. I specifically remember my mom always telling me, “no te jorobes” (don’t slouch). I am so grateful for this advice and can now confidently walk into a room with my head held high. It’s because of these experiences, that  I am able to coach and pass on my knowledge to empower younger girls. I hope that these tips can help you on your quince journey!”



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