New season for Quince dresses

Quince Dresses Trends What’s IN and OUT

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Quince dresses

New season for Quince dresses.

Find out about the latest fall trends for Quince dresses.


Fall is almost here welcoming new trends! Hence the Quince team would like to share with you a few of the colors and styles that will walk on plenty of runways this upcoming season. Choose your Quince dress following these trends and you will undoubtedly look as a glamorous fashionista on your special day.

Transform your Quince dress

Transformable Quince dresses continue to be one of the biggest trends this year. You know! A three-in-one kind of dress! They work for both church and dancing the waltz and are easily turned into a shorter version for your surprise dance. Its advantages are primarily comfort and versatility; they allow you to enjoy your party to the fullest without worrying too much about stepping on it on every movement you make.

Bicolor Quince dresses

Contrasting colors are a popular trend, try combining pastel colors with metallic tones and rhinestones. A perfect example would be a pink or sky blue Quince dress paired with a golden strike, or even a pistachio tone combine with silver, the latter will glamourize your look.

Shapes and textures

The princess cut is still a favorite among Quince dresses designers; hence this trend will increase its popularity throughout the year. Silk shantung, lace and three quarter sleeve dresses are top three choices when customizing Quince dresses.

So what have we learned? Make sure to follow these steps when selecting your Quince dress, aside from fitting with your personality you will stay in trend.

Fall trends for Quinc dresses:

– Sparkly dresses

– Bicolor contrasting dresses

– Lightweight flowy fabrics

– Transformable dresses



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