What to Wear as a Quinceanera Guest 

Yoana Estrada

Have you ever been unsure of what to wear to a Quinceanera? A Quinceanera is similar to a wedding when it comes to the dress code. Most Quinceanera’s are formal events, so it’s important to dress to impress.  

The first step to picking your quince guest outfit is to check the invitation for the dress code and the location. The following are the most common event guest dress codes. 

 Black Tie 

A black-tie event will call for fancy attire. Consider wearing a formal floor-length dress that covers the ankles. 


Formal attire is not too far off from a black tie. Although, it is more acceptable to show your ankles. Any of the following are acceptable

  • floor-length gown 
  • Fancy cocktail dress 
  • Dressy pantsuit 


Cocktail dresses are a good balance between elegant and comfortable. These could be great for the mass in the morning.  


A casual dress code will mean that the event will be much more laid back. Some options even include wearing a collared shirt with dress pants.

No Dress Code

If a dress code is not specified that you can most likely wear whatever you like. Although, it is recommended to double-check with the Quinceanera. This will ensure that you are not either over or underdressed. 

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