5 Yummy Desserts to Bake on World Baking Day


Tuesday, May 17th marks World Baking Day! This is the perfect time to get together with family and friends to bake something tasty. Celebrate with these 5 delicious pastries!

Get everyone involved with the following recipes, you can stir the ingredients while someone else preps the oven.  Don’t forget that precision is very important in baking, you need to make sure to measure the ingredients so that your pastries come out rich in taste.

Fun fact: Baking is pure chemistry!

Strawberry cream puffs

Sometimes pastries can be over-the-top sweet that they leave you feeling bloated and unsatisfied. So, we found the perfect recipe for those who want to enjoy something sweet and fresh. Topping your cream puffs with juicy strawberries and whipped cream is the perfect ratio to leave you satisfied.  

Chocolate chip scones

Want something that goes great with breakfast or brunch? Chocolate chip scones are quick and easy to make! Enjoy a  soft inside with the perfect level of sweetness, YUM!

Peach tarts

Who doesn’t love peaches topped with vanilla glaze and cinnamon? These peach tarts will have everyone reaching for seconds.

Little lemon dessert cakes

You will thank yourself after baking these Little lemon dessert cakes. This mouthwatering tangy snack is bursting with fresh lemon flavor and is very simple to make.

Caramel muffins

These fluffy and yummy muffins are perfect for all my caramel lovers. This recipe only takes 30 minutes so it’s perfect if you’re impatient like me. They’ll pair perfectly with your coffee in the morning.

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