Cinco de Mayo: XV Menu Ideas


This Cinco de Mayo XV menu will be a sensation with all its colorful glory and traditional Mexican dishes, YUM!

Food for your quinceañera can be a large expense, so skip the caterer and save money. Preparing your food can be hectic but with the help of your tías and tíos, a little planning, and some warming trays, you can pull it off! Plus the food always tastes better when it’s made with love. Keep on reading to find out how to have a truly authentic celebration.

Traditional Guacamole

At parties, people like to snack while they wait for the main course, so for your quinceañera, you should have an appetizer, and what’s a better option than some tasty guacamole! It’s great with tortilla chips and a perfect fit for your Cinco de Mayo XV Menu. It’s very simple to make, you can check out for her delicious recipe which I’ve linked down below for you.

Chicken Mole Poblano Enchiladas

For your main course, you should go for some chicken Mole Poblano enchiladas with a side of Mexican rice and beans. It’s only fitting because Mole poblano is the official dish to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Mexico’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla.

Tamales Rojos y Verdes

Tamales can not be absent for Cinco de Mayo XV Menu! They’re one of the most iconic Mexican dishes ever! If you want to go all out don’t forget to bring out the most colorful and decorative dishes for serving foods.

Agua Fresca Table with Jamaica and Horchata

You can’t have a Cinco De Mayo quince menu without a table of homemade Mexican refreshments. Jamaica and Horchata are authentic beverages that are straight from the heart of Mexico, they are designed to complement any dish but especially the chicken mole poblano enchiladas and tamales. The table can also include agua de Sandia, Pepino, and Pina, or anything that you desire. You will have your guest getting up for round two in minutes!

Mexican Dulce and Esquites Station

Complete your Cinco de Mayo XV menu with pan dulce and esquite station. This will be a memorable quinceanera booth, the combination of flavors from the sweet and sour taste of tamarindo to the buttery corn kernels coated with salt, mayonnaise, chile powder, cotija, and lime juice.

These are all delicious and fun options for a Cinco de Mayo XV Menu!


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