Delicious Appetizers for your Quinceañera

Adairis Moreno

Appetizers are ideal for any occasion since they possess six basic characteristics:  they are easy, quick and practical to prepare, they offer a variety of combinations and can be easily transported for everyone to enjoy and even better to eat.  It does not cost much to make nor to prepare delicious appetizers; it is truly an option everyone likes!


Delicious and healthy

With the help of family and friends you can prepare delicious appetizers for your Quince and healthy appetizers to serve, follow these next healthy choices:


Fruit Appetizers

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– Fruit skewers

Flauta Appetizers

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-Chicken, potato, meat or cheese little flautas

Ritz Appetizer

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– Ritz cookies with tomato, melted cheese and parsley

Spicy Tuna Cucumber Appetizer

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– Cucumber slices with tuna and fresh mint

Ranch Appetizers

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– Carrot and celery sticks with light ranch

Bread and fruit Appetizer

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– Cookies or bread with cream cheese and fruit

Empanada Appetizers

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– Meat, cheese, chicken, or spinach empanadas



*The golden rule is to calculate between 4 and six potions per guest.

*One more thing to consider is to choose appetizers for your Quince according to your party theme.


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