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Delicious Italian Menu Ideas for your Quince

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Are you planning to have an Italian-style quinceanera? If so, you may want to check out these tasty traditional Italian menu ideas that should definitely be on your dinner menu.

Antipasto – What’s an Italian celebration without antipasto? Antipastos really are the easiest way to provide your dinner guests with tasty appetizers before the main meal. To make your own antipasto, create a display of all kinds of olives, peppers, anchovies, mushrooms, salami, pepperoni and proscuitto. It’s important you also provide your guests with olive oil and vinegar so they can garnish their appetizers.

Insalata Caprese – The Caprese salad is a traditional Italian dish you undoubtedly should have served at your dinner. Traditional Caprese salads are really easy to make because they only include fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, olive oil and a bit of salt and pepper. Not to mention, they look fabulous displayed on a platter for your guests.

Bruschetta – The best thing about serving bruschetta at your quince is that you can offer your guests a variety of toppings to choose from. It might actually be a good idea for you to set up a bruschetta bar that allows them to add whatever they would like to the top of their bread. It’s best to offer various spreads, smoked tomatoes, cooked spinach, fresh sprigs of basil and olives for your guests to choose from. Also, don’t forget to provide a tart balsamic vinegar and olive oil for drizzling.

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Italian Wedding Soup – The name of this traditional broth-based Italian soup may be a little misleading as it’s not only for weddings. It also makes a great menu item for any special occasion including a quinceanera. As a matter of fact, the soup actually only gets it’s name of “minestra maritata” (“marriage soup”) because the green vegetables and meats go so well together. Keep in mind that either sausage, meatballs or chicken make great meat selections for your soup. It really all comes down to personal preference.

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