Know the Right Amount of Portions you Must Serve

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Understand the right amount of portions you must serve so no one’s starve and no food goes to waste

Quinceanera Desert Table

When planning a Quinceanera menu it is extremely important to decide your number of guests; whether you’re hiring a catering service of this will help you understand the right amount of portions to serve and how many utensils to use. It is also ideal to know the appropriate portion so that no guest is left behind and you are truly paying the plate’s worth. You don’t want to serve an unproportioned dish. When hiring a catering service ask the quantities of measurements they usually use when serving.


You must send your invitations at least two weeks before your party, this will give your guests enough time to confirm your attendance and you will have an approximate number of the amount of food to serve.

Quinceanera Buffet

Why are the right amount of portions so important?

If you’re wondering why are portions so important the right amount, think of it from your guests’ point of view, their mood will highly depend on the food they are served, whether is too much or too little, this will be taken into consideration when dancing and having fun or leaving the party and hitting up the nearest restaurant.

Here are a few general rules to calculate adult portions. With these numbers there will most likely not be any leftovers and they will also save you money.


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