Hispanic Cuisine For Your Quinceanera Dinner

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Quinceanera Dinner

You can serve Brazilian Feijoada at your Quinceanera party.

With National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated every year from the 15th of September to the 15th of October, now is the perfect time to consider having any one of the hundreds of savory Hispanic dishes for your Quinceanera dinner.

It’s also a good time to remember that Hispanic cuisine spans from the culinary traditions of Spain, the Caribbean and the countries of South and Central America, as well as Mexico. Although it’s very common for many countries to share cooking styles and ingredients, and even dishes, each has its own techniques and specialties, and adds its own twist to dishes similar to their neighboring countries.

For your Quinceanera dinner, you may want to consider serving a dish that is traditional in your native county, or present your guests with a dish that is exotic and new to them.

List of dishes that can add a touch of world flavor to your Quinceanera reception:

• Argentenean Empanadas
• Brazilian Feijoada
• Chilean seafood soups
• Colombian lechonas
• Cuban ropa vieja
• La bandera from the Domincan Republic
• Mexican birria or mole


What other Hispanic dishes would be great for you Quinceanera dinner?



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