Quinceañera menu

A Fresh Spring Quinceañera Menu!

Adairis Moreno
Quinceañera menu

Seafood cocktail appetizer perfect for a spring quinceañera menu.

In order for your guests to be able to dance all night, a light and fresh menu is your best choice.  Light menus are a perfect fit for a spring or summer quinceañera.

Delicious appetizers!

Welcome your guests with a fresh seafood cocktail appetizer.  Mix your traditional ingredients with delicious sweet or salty seasonal fruit.  Shrimp accompany by spicy mango, avocado mini wraps or chicken are also great choices.

spring appetizers

delicious sweet or salty seasonal fruit

It is ideal mostly for saving purposes for the main dish to be served buffet style. Veggies, pasta, salad, tropical fruits and any other sweet and sour delicacy will add freshness to this already amazing menu.

A key lime pie flavored quinceañera cake is highly recommended. Pineapple, blackberry and citric flavors are to be considered, mainly to keep your guests’ palates in balance but also to flow with your fresh theme.

To keep in mind for a spring quinceañera menu

Decorate your drinks with spring-like figurines such as frozen flowers, colored ice cubes, colorful umbrellas or butterfly mixers. We hope these ideas will help you put together a fabulous spring or summer quinceañera.

spring drinks

Decorate your drinks with spring-like figurines!


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