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Delicious Peruvian Menu Ideas your Quince guests will love!

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The food is the main attraction (after you duh!)  at a quinceanera reception (of course, because who doesn’t love food?!) so you better make sure your menu leaves your guests satisfied! Are you currently planning a quinceanera celebration with a Peruvian twist to it in order to pay homage to your ancestry? If you are, you definitely want to check out these traditional Peruvian dishes your party guests will love!


The great thing about causas is that you can make many different kinds of them to offer to your guests. Keep in mind that if you’re quinceanera will be held during the summer, it’s best to stick to a light protein for your causas such as fish or chicken. These stacked bites also look terrific on a dinner plate and pair well with an assortment of cheeses, olives and pimentos.

Choros a la Chalaca



If you live close to the water where there are amazing seafood selections, you may want to consider serving your guests some “Choros a la Chalaca”. If you do serve these traditional Peruvian mussels, be sure to offer your guests fresh wedges of lime so they can squeeze them over the top before plopping them in their mouths.


If you’re of Peruvian heritage, you probably grew up eating “anticuchos”. These tasty Peruvian-style kebabs are traditionally made with the tender meat of the cow’s heart and spiced just right. You don’t necessarily have to use the hearts of cows, you could also used thinly slices beef.




Besides cake, you should consider offering your guests with other sweet little bites to snack on while at your quince. Piscarones are a wonderful dessert item to include on your menu because Peruvians obviously love them, they’re tasty and incredibly easy to make ahead of time.

Arroz Zambito

This warm delicious Peruvian rice pudding is a terrific dish to serve at the end of the night before your guests head home.


Want more menu ideas? Thinking Mexican food, or maybe Italian? You’ll find everything you need to know to plan your menu in our e-book!


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