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Plan your Quince Party’s Food Menu

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Many people believe that the success of a party depends on the menu, which is why you must take your time with the planning in order to provide your guests with plenty of great food.

Food Service
Consider your income, number of guests, and the amount of time you have to choose from the following:

Plan your quince food menu according to taste, cost, and universality. Via Instagram: @deeleedesigns

  • Hire a professional in the field of culinary arts (also known as catering services).
  • Buy a package that includes both food and drinks.
  • Prepare the menu at home. By going with this option, you will save money, but don’t forget that it requires organization and demands extra work the day of the celebration. You will definitely need help from friends and family to enjoy the party and avoid fatigue.

You will also have to decide between a formal dinner, in which you sill serve each guest individually, or a more casual one with a self-service buffet.

This party is mainly for young people; alcohol must be controlled and restricted by and for adults. You can provide teenagers with sodas, carbonated drinks, juice, and plenty of water.

If you will serve wine with the meal, we advise that you consult a catering company about the recommended quantity and quality for your number of guests.

Essential tips

Via Instagram: @deeleedesigns Food by: @edible360

  • Try the menu before hiring any service. Bring along one of your relatives or someone you trust.
  • If you decide to prepare the menu at home and serve your guests individually, make sure to include the following: an hors d’oeuvre, which can be a salad or a snack, an entrée, which can be some kind of meat, fish, or chicken with a side, dessert, and coffee.
  • You don’t necessarily have to serve a traditional dish from your country, keep in mind that you must satisfy all of your guests.
  • Don’t take a risk with exotic or sophisticated cuisine; it is best that the food is in accordance with the party’s ambiance.
  • Notify your caterer of possible allergies your guests might have.
  • Be careful with buffets. Some foods, such as prepared meats, seafood, cheese and sauces that contain dairy products, need to be refrigerated. Remember that any kind of food can remain without refrigeration for approximately two hours.
  • Try not to serve meals that are hard to digest and upset your stomach. Remember that most people will want to dance and have fun that night.

Lastly, remember not leave out any detail and to find trustworthy references before hiring any service.

Visit to find professional catering services in your area.

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