Seafood paella

A Seafood Quince Menu Made Simple

Gabriela Alvarado

We can’t deny that the love we all have for food is pure and sincere. If you disagree, we assure you that your quince guests will most likely be eager to fill their bellies with a tasty menu. Also, people agree that if the food is great it helps make the party even more successful.

Since we’ll enjoy a great weather for at least four more months, we want to dedicate this piece to a delicious summer theme menu. It’ll be perfect if you are actually planning a quinceañera party outdoors. So, a little menu planning can easily woo the crowd.

Here are some seafood menu ideas, super originals, that will make your quince meal memorable – and for sure, have your guests craving more!

Seafood appetizer ideas

  • Bacon-wrapped scallops with cilantro mayonnaise

This appetizer is easy to make and incredibly yummy! As impressive as it sounds, the scallops just need salt and pepper for the seasoning, but it’s the bacon that does the rest.

scallops with bacon

Bacon-wrapped scallops with cilantro mayonnaise

  • Smoked salmon deviled eggs

Smoked salmon + capers + deviled eggs = perfection. After serving them, watch your guests fly off the table.


Smoked salmon deviled eggs

  • Fish tacos with lime cilantro cream

It might sound a little informal but believe us, fish tacos will be a classy treat for your quince guests! Crunchy cabbage combined with flaky white fish and smoky cumin will get everybody’s taste-buds working in their favor.


Fish tacos with lime cilantro sauce

Seafood main dish ideas for a quince menu

  • Lobster Risotto

Lobster is another tasty, tender, and quick to cook protein choice for quince meal planning. It’s a sophisticated option that can either accompany as a side dish, appetizer option, or even a main course.

lobster risotto

A delicious lobster risotto

  • Paella

Bring the Spaniard flavors to the table! Mix up sausage, chicken, seafood, and veggies for a delicious, exotic, and aromatic blend.


Seafood and vegetable paella

  • Seafood basket

Go all out and combine lobster, crab, squid, fish, and mussels together for a quince menu that will leave your guests speechless.


This dish will leave everyone full and satisfy.

After the feast comes the dessert

  • Key lime pie

A citrus dessert matches well after a seafood banquet.

  • Fruit tart and pavlovas topped with whipped cream

This dessert compliments dishes that involves lobster.

fruit tarts

Fruit tart and pavlovas topped with whipped cream



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