Tailored Catering for Tailored Budgets

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Whether their catering budget comes with two, three or four zeros attached to it, quinceañeras can find a palate-satisfying catering service that brings convenience, fun and variety to the dinner table.


Originally from the Mexican state of Jalisco, birria is a traditional meat stew that serves convenient to many celebrations. The birria is garnished with onion, cilantro, lime and a hot sauce or consomé that is made specially for the stew. It is common for this meal to be accompanied by rice, beans and tortillas and in most traditional celebrations, the meal is prepared by a member of the family. Birria is cooked in large pots, making it a fitting dish to serve for large parties. The cost of the service is priced by bulk and not by individual plates that can cost an average of $1,250 for a party of 250 guests.

Price range: Convenient

Just as popular as birria are the family-style sit down dinners that also create that same family ambiance. With guests sitting around the table, the food is served in large portions and placed at the center of the table. One guest then takes the first dish, serves him/herself and then passes the dish to the person to their right. This continues until all of the guests and dishes are served. Most any type of meal can be served this way including ethnic food, barbeque and country cooking. Most family style caterers have a minimum number of plates that can be ordered and also price their plates per person. A meal that includes one main dish, a dinner roll, seven side dishes, dessert and beverages can cost an average of about $15.00 per person for a minimum of 125 people.

Price range: Average

Another interactive way to get guests to mingle is by having a cocktail hour prior to the dinner being served. More commonly associated with five-course dinners, this type of catering makes food and drinks a focal point in the celebration. Upon arrival, guests are treated to an hour of cocktails that can be anything from traditional drinks to custom made beverages designed to fit your quinceañera theme. Once the cocktail hour comes to an end, guests are then served a lavish five-course meal that includes a light soup, salad, appetizer, main course and dessert. Most catering services and venues that serve this type of meal can charge anywhere from $13 to $50 and more per person.

Price range: Extravagant

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