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Thailand-Inspired Quince Party Menu

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Do you want a deliciously good Quince party menu to serve your guests for your Quince birthday bash? We’ve created a full-course menu based off the delicious dishes from Thailand. Dive on into these food delicacies for some Quince menu inspiration!

1) Appetizers – Thai spring rolls for a Quince party menu

 For a light appetizer while your guests are mingling and signing your guest book, serve up some spring rolls in vegetarian and shrimp options. Garnish with a piece of lettuce and a sweet and sour sauce to dip the rolls in. Make sure to provide plenty of napkins!

2) Soup – Thai coconut soup

Although Thai coconut soup looks like an intricate dish to make, the process is actually very simple. Curry, chicken broth, cilantro, shrimp and coconut milk are some of the main ingredients to the dish. Check out this simple recipe from for step-by-step instructions.

3) Entrée – Pineapple Fried Rice, Pad Thai and Thai Chicken Curry 

Help your guests get a full serving of savory goodness in your quince party menu with a steaming mound of pineapple fried rice, Pad Thai noodles complete with crushed peanuts and sizzling Thai chicken curry in either a yellow or red curry sauce. Balance out the meal with a side of simple steamed rice.

 4) Dessert – Thai sticky rice with mango

For a finishing touch for your full-on Thai menu, serve up some sweet sticky rice with slices of fresh mango either on the side of the plate or on top. This is a unique dessert that is healthy and sure to fill your guests’ sweet tooth cravings.

5) Quince cake

Let the adage of ‘less is more’ ring true for your Quinceanera cake. Adorn a layered cake in a frothy layer of frosting in a solid color, such as white, light turquoise or vivacious red. Adorn the cake with fresh orchids draped around the cake for a finishing touch.

We hope this plan gets you ready to start planning a Thai dream Quince party menu! For more ideas, check out our article on additional ideas to celebrate your birthday with a Bangkok bang!

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