The Quinceanera Menu

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The type of food you will serve your guests at the quinceanera must be planned way in advance.


Keep in mind that most guests will arrive with high expectations for the quinceanera food. 


  • Types of Menus

The type of food served during a Quinceañera is the same as the food served during weddings, baptisms, and other events with a large number of guests.

The menus range from modest meals to gourmet banquets, depending on the host’s budget. Generally, food is served in one of two ways: buffet or waiting service. The buffet style is fun and interactive; guests pick what they wish to eat and are able to see the variety of dishes: salads, soups, meats, drinks, and desserts. Waiting service is the most popular, since hall rental usually includes food as well as waiters or waitresses at different prices and godparents don’t have to pay for this service separately. Speak to your godparents about the hall rental and ask if food and service is included. If so, make sure there are three or more menus to choose from.

  • Looking for Something Different?

If you wish to have a menu different from the one provided by the hall rental service, you can always hire a professional gourmet caterer. Many of these caterers have different menus to choose from and manage food preparation and guest service.
One of the advantages of hiring a caterer is that they offer a wide variety of food, ranging from the traditional and economic (such as birria, rice, and beans) to the most sophisticated dishes (such as grilled chicken, cordon bleu chicken, and other delicacies). Once again, it all depends on how much you can or are willing to spend.

  • Where to Look

If one of your godparents is going to cover your party’s food services, let him or her know if you have any preference or recommend a catering company. You can ask family or friends who have had a celebration for any recommendations. Another way to find a food service company is looking through newspapers and magazines under the “Party” section.

Before hiring any service, ask for price quotes and references. If you have enough time, compare quality and prices so you can make the best choice. Your guests will be grateful and will leave your party extremely satisfied.

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