10 Things to Do Before Going Back to School

Grecia Hernandez

No matter how long you have until going back to school, we promise you there is plenty of time to do the next activities.

Once you’re done you’ll be glad you took this fun and easy vacay challenge! 

Each one of these are either great conversation starters upon your return or amazing life lessons.

1) Read a book

Take the school break as an opportunity to read something new, something you picked, something you like.

This will improve your vocabulary and will expand your creativity and imagination. 

2) Ask your grandma or grandpa juicy questions!

Sometimes we forget our elders were once our age. Have you ever imagine how your grandparents relationship was handled with no social media? Ask your abuela about dating before Snapchat, trust me, it will be fun!

3) Try something new

It could be painting, drawing, pilates or playing the guitar. Take advantage of the free time you have to discover a new hobby you could very well be extremely talented without knowing.

4) Visit a local museum

Don’t let money be an issue! If you can’t travel far, become a tourist in your own land! Check out must-see places in your area and learn about your community.

5) Study

Yes, study! You don’t want your brain to go rusty during your school break. Pick up a documentary on Netflix and learn something new. Do online research and become a master on the topic.

6) Have a family weekend getaway!

Once school begins, your family schedule will be a bit crazier than usual therefore this is the perfect time to plan a family vacation or stay-cation. A stay-cation means a vacation at home: rent some movies, grill some burgers and have fun at your casa.

7) Plan ahead

 Get an agenda and start planning your school schedule, add birthdays and special occasions so you;re a step ahead once classes begin.

8) Go to a theme park or the fair

Both are a must before going back to school. During school break most parks offer special rates for students, research before purchasing. Even exes, Gigi and Joe had fun at Disney, you can’t go wrong with a theme park!

9) Change your hairstyle

Maybe it’s time for a new look! Surprise your classmates, teachers and friends by trying out one of the latest hair trends.

10) Go out with your friends!

 Once all of you go back to school getting together for hours will be hard to plan.  A pajama party with your gals is a perfect way to end your school vacations, what do you think?

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