3 Tips to Improve Your Studying Habits

Gabriela Alvarado

Even when you have the best intentions of studying for a whole day, by the end of it you may get distracted and look for the easiest way out of the chore. If this happens frequently, it might be due to your studying methods. Learning should be fun and gratifying, therefore, adapt your method to your personality by following these tips that can help in improving your grades:

1)      If you are hard headed when it comes to memorizing information

As absurd as it sounds, something that seems to works is to come up with a story or even a song that reminds you of the subject matter. With a catchy beat, who knows? You could find yourself dancing and singing to information as well, reading is FUNdamental!

2)      Create a relaxing environment

Decorate your room in order to feel relieved and ready to study. You can use aromatic candles or soft music. This will help you focus and relax.

3)      Use new supplies

Sometimes it helps to have new utensils to write on or to write with, something about it inspires you to do and present everything in a tidy manner. The same goes for when you buy a new blouse. The first time you wear it you carefully choose the appropriate hairdo, accessories and makeup to make it look its best.

Keep in mind that besides planning for your Quinceañera, you must also do well in school and, most importantly, truly comprehend what you are taught, especially the topics that spark your interest. So if this applies to you, change your studying method and motivate yourself to study now!

Gabriela Alvarado

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