Are you worried about your future education?

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Are you worried about your future education? Feel proud of those concerns, they are signs of adulthood. Without a doubt, you are just beginning that phase of anxieties in your life. Trying to balance your social life with your future plans is a challenging and understandable situation. If you think that there is nothing else you can do to achieve your educational goals, don’t worry… we want to be part of your life to help you not to lose hope.


At this point, you are starting to live your life, meet people, go out and learn new experiences right? We know it’s hard to think of joining the army, don’t get scared of the idea yet, the great opportunity that is offered, is rewarding.

“The lack of financial means should not be a barrier to earning a college degree and embarking on a successful career,” added Maj. Gen. McDonald. “The leadership skills that ROTC develops will not only serve our nation’s defense, they will also serve our communities when officers return to civilian life as business leaders, engineers, physicians and perhaps even as educators,” added Maj. Gen. McDonald.

The U.S. Army today renewed its longstanding partnership with the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) by announcing its sponsorship of HACU’s upcoming 25th annual national conference as well as expanding its support of the HACU-Army College Tour program. The Army’s partnership with HACU is based on a mutual commitment to preparing Hispanic youth for academic and career success. Specific programs will provide students, teachers and school officials with information about the educational programs and resources available through the Army, both at the high school and collegiate level.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010 college enrollment rates among Hispanic high school graduates was 59.6 percent, the lowest among all ethnicities. With Hispanics representing the fastest growing ethnic minority in the U.S., the Army is committed to working with leading organizations such as HACU to ensure Hispanic youth are well-prepared to pursue leadership positions, whether as civilians or in service to the nation.

As Hispanics, we are committed to enriching our community in all aspects. We have to be proud of our roots and contribute to the growth of society as well as investing in our own future. Contribute to your knowledge and educate yourself, there are no excuses for not doing otherwise. The hard work will be rewarded in the future. Who knows … your efforts may be reflected in the Quinceanera that your daughter has always dreamed .The lack of funds is not an excuse for not going to school, get started now!

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